Top Quality Service

Whether you are residential or commercial, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. These services include grading, land clearing, landscaping, parking/driveways, and erosion control.


Grading is the process of reshaping the surface of the ground to achieve a desired slope or level. 

Land Clearing

Clearing involves the removal of trees, vegetation, rocks, and obstructions that could interfere with land use.


The goal of landscaping is to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space.


Includes site preparation, base materials, finishing, and curing.

Erosion Control

Erosion control refers to the process of preventing or reducing the rate of soil erosion.


We deliver landscaping supplies right where you need them when you need them.

Our Projects

DL Dirtworks has serviced landscaping needs all over the Upstate. Check out some of our latest projects.